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3!!!PARTAY BASH!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011
I know it's kinda late to blog about New Year's partay but hey, I gonna do it anyway. My mum said FB are going to closed down, hmmmm.... I think, we are going to suffer especially for those who are addicted with it. Alright back to the main topic here, PLEASE.... Where are you heading for New Year?. So here it goes...

I went to Hitz Partay at 1B with THEM, who else of course with The Power of 5 and a few friends (Joji, 2 friend's Wewen and don't forget the VVIP..the TAIKO (Wan)). Four of us were earlier than the others, while waiting for them we're cam-whoring. Ohhh...missed the important role of this year, she cut off her hair after kept it for 3 years but actually she don't wanted to but I forced her to do so. You know who she is...

 At last Joji is arrived...Wiwin took the pictures for us...


Nonoi and Carol, with us too.

The performers..

When the clock ticking at 12am, this is how the scenario looks like. Cynta and me were celebrating New Year in the car, too bad... Bukan balik laa....
I thought the host for the nite was Ean!!!!but this!!!! You gonna be kidding!!!.

Never mind....then the partay countinued by Kartoo Network & The Royal Phantom.

 Who I met here...a friend where we used to be buddy-buddy in my previous company, Adrian.

Partay ALL NITE LONG....

 The TAIKO...getting excited by Joji's dance....

Well the partay wasn't fun because we really wanted to see Malaysian Hip Hop Idol CAPRICE. KENA TIPU!!!. Walaubagaimana pun, I sempat bercam-whoring kat bilik yang paling sejuk.,
Based On My Story.

P/S:Sorry le berbahasa semenanj...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011
This year for the first and last time hangout with staff PKGS (from YouthPrep Centre, Seri Murni Crisis Centre, Asrama Desa Pukak and Tenghilan) since I will working in Borneo Colours. We gathered around in KK Box Karaoke, Karamunsing Complex at 6pm but Ej, Sixtus, Mark, Fredolin and Dennis arrived there earlier and when we came in they already started to warm up their vocal especially Sixtus Amit. 
Presenting to you the PKGS's staff :


Sister (I don't know her name)

Kimberly (My classmate in Maktab Sabah)

(From left) Mark and Dennis
 (From left) Evelyn, *** and Kim.

Again I don't know their name..
Sister Jossie Sili


Mary Anne

 Last but not least is our dear Director of PKGS, Chin Poh Choo.

Well, some not arrived yet.While I'm taking picture some of them go grab some foods or singing.

Who says Sisters don't know how to have fun...hmmmm?

They are not Sisters...LOL

The partay was ended at 12am I guess and it was very well.,
Based On My Story.