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3 the power of 5 exchange gift

Thursday, December 16, 2010

CHRISTMAS!!! CHRISTMAS!!!…9 days to go for a big and special occasion. Sooo excited can’t wait for it, Christmas Day with friends and family. The most importante thingy is celebrating with my precious daughter. (Hishhh…apa ni slalu promote c Bee). Back to the main topic, PLEASE…. What is The Power Of 5?.

The Power Of 5 is established on 2005 with 5 members (Nancy, Cynta, Wiwin and Wewen correct me if I’m wrong). Yeah, it’s obvious it is them and we are genetically related. Wiwin+me= we’re sisters, and so Cynta+Wewen too but Nancy is our HAWT and the BEST aunt we ever have. Hmmmmm!!!!.

During the Christmas Day, each of us have the secret name to give a present to exchange it. But I’m going to tell mine, the lucky person would be… sexy girl with long hair, beautiful face with 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 lips and 1 ear…LMAO..Me not gonna tell you…teda surprise nanti if the person know.

I when to 1Borneo since this is the nearest shopping mall from my office, actually I don’t have ideal gift for her because my budget is ONLY RM30 (tidak mahu lebih-lebih…kedekutnya). LOL.. What should I give her?…

Body therapy, a gift from The Body Shop?


Or better buy from Skin Food..LOL…What the difference?.

Perfume… she smells nice all day till night..It’s too damn expensive..

Hhmmm…this one is more cheaper from Body Shop but still not the best yet…

How about this?. LOL..She must be so sad.

Clothes for her to wear everday..I can afford this some more SALE!!!!

Make up????.. Pakai arang ja la…cukup kac sapu tepung lagi di muka….

A watch!!! Hmmm…nope…

High heel or handbag???

Ahhhh…this is…expensive…A big NO-NO.

How about this handbag with flower printed?

Bling-bling…..Still can’t afford it…

Book?? I buy the cheapest than I can get…or…

Belanja her at this cafe…..

Paling senanglah…. Just buy tidbits then wrap it in hamper….HAHHAHA.. It’s cheap, can be eat and can buy more than 1 item.


I just bought her a present……JENG3X

It’s for my Bee la…. I imagined if she wear it for Christmas siap pakai pigi rumah orang lagi jalan-jalan…. The gift is SECRET laaa…

P/S: FASHION DISASTER!!!!! Where are you going Amoi, pantai ka? Where got pantai in 1Borneo….,

Based On My Story.

10 Who Am I?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
“ If you can turn back time, what did you wanted to change in your past life”?, I asked my cousin. She told me what she wanted then she asked me back. I think deeply, I can’t answer her. When I look back at my past, I don’t regret with what I’ve done because I learnt a lot from my mistakes. Everything did change me to become a better person and really challenge myself in life.
Some still don’t know who am I. Maybe some of you judging me after saw my FB or this blog. Yup, I like to have fun but I know when, where and who I’m with. A few months ago, a guy (a.k.a manager of DNMC) sent me a message through my wall in FB and said bad about me and Sabahan people. FUCK YOU!!!. It did happened again yesterday but not the same guy, still (a.k.a manager of DNMC). SOOO FUCKING SHIT!!!. Not even them but got this girl from Penang named Lue Xioa Xue (if you see this name, PLEASE DO NOT ADD her.
What happened to those guys?. Well, this is a story of me for today. Probably, you have seen my Bee or I always mentioned her name. Yes, she is my 7 months old baby girl and I’M A HAPPY SINGLE MOTHER :)
Before I had her, I worked in DNMC as a Sales Executive for 1 and half years without taking MC or holiday even on the Christmas Day. Ok, you might confused with my job. Well, it’s a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and I think you know what’s the meaning of it. Yes, I am too committed with my guys because I want to become a manager and run my own office in Pahang.
Suddenly my x-manager (she became manager because my team hit the point, yes she was my x-leader too) found out I’m pregnant, and she asked me to choose either my career or the baby. At first my choice was career because I really want to achieve my goal. So she gave me a week to abort it. Here the story goes….I’m searching where I can do it with some friends but it’s too DAMN EXPENSIVE RM3k because it’s already 5 months. WHERE CAN I FIND 3k IN 1 WEEK!!!?
I called all of my friends (useless) and did planned to borrow from ALONG also. They advised me that might get into trouble especially my health and sure the ALONG… I take their advise and told her that I want to keep the baby and I willing to take the challenge about what people said about me.
Within in 24 hours, she asked me to resigned because she can’t accept it. When I asked her, she gave me BULLSHIT reasons… Do you know what the reasons are…?     1. You can influence other leaders. (BABI!!! if they want to, why should we care..That is their personal life. TAK KAN ITU MAU MELIBATKAN KERJA JUGAK!!!)      2. It’s about PRIDE. Pride is a big thing. (YAYAYAYA….I know but I already told you so that I willing to take the risk)                                                                             3. You are to popular, a lot of people know you. (HUH??? Apalah kaitan?????)            4. If you are the manager, you will do the same thing. (WTF!!!!!) Is this a personal or business problem?. I don’t know what will you think. Nobody can bring me down SERIOUSLY because the more they tried to, the stronger I become.
SHE FIRED ME!!!! I don’t know why because my sales performance more better than her so….hmmmm….speechless…..4 months, no company wanted to hire me because I’m pregnant. I don’t dare to tell my parent. Ohhh yaa, I’m staying with my foster parent. I thought staying with them is going to be fine but WRONG!!! SO WRONG!!!
LAGI LA STRESS!!! (It’s a sensitive issue, so tak boleh diberitahu).Plus the guy macam CHIPSMORE!!!!! After I delivered Bee, within in 2 weeks I called my parents and my father flew to Penang then brought me to Rose Virginie Good Shepherd Centre in Ipoh. I stayed a month before I can bring Bee back to hometown.
How about the guy?…Welll…I DUMPED HIM for my own good. 4 months live like in the HELL but managed to live a new life and I’m happy with it because my family and relatives can accept BEE & ME. Going back to hometown is the best decision I made.
In KK, I met up with a few friend (they used to be worked in DNMC) as usual they asked me about IT. Do you know what, Ell asked me to work with them again but I’m so sorry after you spread the news saying I’m sleeping with guy, gatal lah even I had scandal with one of the manager…that is so MEAN… I’m with you for the whole year and this is you told them. KIMAK!!! JAHATNYA SAMPAI BAGITAU YANG TAK BETUL. Tinggal pun sudah la satu rumah, saya mau cuti pun ko tidak bagi langsung. Some of the manager said to me in bad expression. Make me feel sad because they don’t know the truth is.
What am I going to do with my life?. I fall once, doesn’t mean I fall forever. BOUNCE BACK!! THAT’S WHAT I’M GOING TO DO!!!. Thanks to my beloved family and relatives for being here for me. Love You!!!
P/S:  Rose Virginie Centre offers a safe haven and temporary shelter for women and girls in crisis situations such as:
*Women, mother and their children who are experiencing abuse in their relationships or through domestic/family violence. * Teenage girls/women in pregnancy who are unwed or in crisis. * Women experiencing conflict in their marriage. * Women in personal or family difficulties. * Survivors of rape or assault.
For more info about Rose Virginie, click,
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2 Biar kalah, yang penting menang gaya.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My sister and I were talking about cosmetics product while she puts on make up on her face. Suddenly, she told me that David Chong posted on her FB wall to participate a singing competition in the middle of December. She refused and said  “ Banyak lagi orang yang terer dari saya”. Hmmmm…which is true, I believe Sabahan  people are talented especially in singing. I told her to participate it even tough may not win any prizes because it reminds me of my friend’s phrase “ BIAR KALAH, YANG PENTING MENANG GAYA”. (O_O)

Back to earlier year 2008, USM was organised an Aerobic Competition among Desasiswa ( itu asrama, kami panggil desasisawa…bukan kampung atau blok ). Each Desasiswa must sent their best soldiers between 4-8 person in a team to win the war which will be held at Seri Ampangan, USM, Butterworth. (#^#)

At first, my friend Ratnasari and I were just supporting Astra and the gang ( the choreographer is Johannis ) to practice their routine, since both of us came from different Desasiswa. Eventually, it turns up when two of their team member didn’t manage to join and the competition is tomorrow!!!. After being forced by them, Ratna and I end up to help DESASISWA TEKUN… (pasal kawan punya hal, sudah jadi pengkhianat desasiswa sendiri pulak).

So we were practicing from midnight until sunrise because we only have chance to gather after 10pm. Yup, we didn’t sleep. At 6am, misson completed and we were rushing for shower and make up. Not forget to set up hair…..the “flower horn” hair… More over, we have to be at Seri Ampangan before 9am as well. Everything is settled, the hair do, the make up…jalanlah apa lagi, it took an hour journey bah…

Yes!!! We arrived safely!!!!. Saya rasa kami lah yang PALING HAWT time tu…because fully dress up. Yang menang tue rambut lah..”flower horn”. LMAO..

We still have enough time to practice for the last touch up with the outfit but…JENG3X (masa buat sit up nampak SANTUT…BODO…). To cover “it”, we have to cut our fabric which is we used to wrap our hips.


LMAO..don’t you see it?. We look like wearing a diaper and made in gold colour. LIMITED EDITION TAU TU…We didn’t won it, that’s we expected already some more we were been disqualified as well because the outfit was TOO SEXY. But it doesn’t matter what they said about us because actually we won it. Tahap keHOTan, memanglah kami numbur satu much better than the orang skema… Anyway, we did it for fun and  what is really matters..BIAR KALAH, YANG PENTING MENANG GAYA. (^O^)End of the day, on the way back to Penang, all of us asleep… Repeat it after me “BIAR KALAH, YANG PENTING MENANG GAYA”!!!

From left ( Me, Astra, RatnaSari and Aida )


P/S: I’m so sorry being arrogant about myself but it was pass. Now, I’m not hotter anymore. Missed them. (- _-),

Based On My Story.

3 Upcoming event

Wednesday, December 8, 2010



1 carmina slovenica of slovenia, europe

4 of us (Joji, Steve, Cynta and I) went to Dewan Canselor last Sunday to see the performance. In my opinion, the Malaysia Operafest Children’s Choir is MUCH MORE BETTER than Sabah Youth Choir. Anyway, it’s not them I want to tell a story about but Carmina Slovenica from Europe. Some people said they were good so I went there to see if it’s true.

I was fascinating by the lighting and their voices. Even they were doing movement while singing, their vocal didn’t change at all. Not only that, but they were also used body percussion instead of music recording. Well, you can judge it yourself by hearing the video that I captured. (I’m not a good videographer, so paham-pahamlah),
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3 once in a life time

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the 4th Dec 2010, the day Bee has been baptized in St. Valentine Church, Beaufort by Father Gilbert Ladius. We woke up at 6am to get ready while waiting for Raymond’s family, Nancy and David to come. Almost all of us wore in White colour as a symbolize the Holy Day especially for Bee.

For once in the life time and never be forgotten, Bee wore a beautiful dress with her hair band which I designed for her special day.


Bee, my mummy and Nancy.,

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0 beat of my heart

Sunday, December 5, 2010

You can hear your heart beating when you wanted to. You can hear it clearly when you listen it. You  know how does it sounds like when you are full with joy, anger, depressed, sad and emptiness…. No matter how your heart beating is, only you know what do you feel about.

Based on my story, every heart is just not a symbolic that we are still alive but in my opinion, heart does show its way in any cases. A heart is easily broken if we don’t taking care of it.

My heart beating with hatred since a guy thinks that he is COOL and HOT. I don’t want him misunderstood by what I’m doing to him because my intention is I just wanted to share same interest with him. Not more than that. I know it would never be a dream come true even I hope so. This is not a fairy tales story, it will never be like Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast etc.

There is no room for me even tough I pray and try to be the best in front of him. I don’t have a chance forever and ever. So I make my decision to never fall in love again. It’s really hurt and yet my heart still torn in two. I don’t want to let myself hurt again from it. I think that would be fair enough because I don’t deserved it. All I want is just become a friend where you can trust and be there for you.

Every beat of my heart for someone, I rather to forget it than play on the game. Feeling unwanted as if he have someone or no interest on you, that is the sound of my heart beating repeatedly. I know that I’m not good enough and don’t deserved any good things from you. I hope when you read this or you are sure that I’m talking about you, please don’t hate me. I know who am I and no need for you to worry. You gave me hints already.

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2 I Like to lick it ! lick it !

Lick the chocolate and eat it all you want!!!.

Based on my story, we (Nancy, Cynta and I) went to Hyatt Hotel last week for Chocolate Fair around 2pm soon after Asif Pishori called me Hot aunt. It’s Chocolate and FREE some more!!!  Wow… strawberry, dark chocolate, crunchy and etc that surely melt in your mouth.


The chocolate is waiting to be eaten by us. You can take and eat all the chocolate for FREE!!! (Yup, I like to mentioned it’s FREEE!!!.)

Show me the chocolates!!!…

This is nice, got gold colour on top of it. YUMMY!!!

Who is the guy next to you, Asif?. Just look at his face. Hmmmmm….. ( ? ? )

Be careful or the chef will smack you for trying to steal her chocolate. Don’t be Mr Wiseman.

Luckily, the chef let you to help her. Good!! . Prepare to show your talent in designing the choco.


THANKS to both of them for making the delicious choco for us. Me like it.. End of the day, we are too full but we did “ tapau” and Mr Asif bought Cynta and me a box of chocolate for our Birthday present. Thank you to Mr Asif. Where is your present for us?. LMAO..,

Based On My Story.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

For those interested to go this event, I still have 5 more tickets (FOC). Grab this opportunity to hear them performed at :

Venue : Dewan Canselor, UMS
Time : 7pm
Date : 5 Dec 2010,

Based on My Story

2 I LOVE Johnny rodgers band!!!!

On the 27th Nov 2010, The Johnny Rodgers Band were performed at Recital Hall, UMS.

According to my schedule, this band will be performed at 1B on the 28th but I called Rene Barrow and he told me about it. (Sorry didn’t update it earlier, I just found out it on the same day).

Johnny Rodgers Band is superb!!! I liked it VERY MUCH. I adore Johnny Rodger’s voice. I really fall in love with their performance.  Not only that but Johnny Rodger (himself) is a good entertainer and always make the audience laugh with his jokes. He really impressed me.

Who is with me?. My beloved friend Joji.

My HOT Aunt (Nancy) & Asif Pishori a.k.a HOT UNCLE


Danny Mallon ( Drums, percussion and vocals as well )

Brian Glassman (Bass and percussion)

Joe Ravo (Guitar)

Johnny Rodgers (Piano and vocals)

He also can play other instrument such as Maracas and Row.

They also did performed together with our Sabahan people (I know this guitarist and the saxophonist is well-known but so sorry that I don’t know their names). They were performing the famous song in Sabah “ Sayang Kinabalu” and they did it very well.


They brought back the Orang Utan to America as a souvenir. Hope the Orang Utan can survive there. LOL


For more info about them, check on: