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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Imbai…imbai…bendiya…Beee…. This a song was created and always been sung by my BAPA (grandfather). The topic for today is, let Bee tell you a story.


It’s feel so nice after taking bath.


This is me when I was 3 months.


After 1 month, I grew bigger. 


What are you looking at?. You want my bottle?. Hell NO, this is MINE. Get your own.


Apa ni, mau cari gaduh ya…?. Come here if you dare…


Ohh…WAIT!!!. Uncle, are you going to help me to punch those rascals?. heehh….Would you do that for me….PLEASEEEEEE….. (JENG3x)


WHAT!!!???? You won’t help me???… But I thought I am your CUTE BEE ….So you will help me when I ask you. My uncle don’t love me, even my aunt too. Just look at her, she is tooo busy with her LAPTOP…   :( 


PEACE my dear friend. Let’s shake hand and forget about it. Ok???. Will you?.


Beside working as a entertainer to my family, I’m also doing a modelling as a part time.

My aunt Cynta, is this pose alright for you?.


You don’t like it?. Hmmm…how about this?. I pretend to sleep while waiting your iPhone 4. Hopefully the Digi loves it.


Still don’t satisfied you yet??. Ok, I’ll take off my shirt a bit.


That is my best shot, but you still don’t like it!!!!!. What??. You want me to cry like a baby???.. hmmm..macam-macam. I’ll do it for you.




After the shooting, I am so damn hungry and I want to eat M&M. In the same time, thinking about my future. I want to eat CocoCrunch too…


Huh..where is the waitress?. Hello…could you take my order, please?. Why it’s taking so long?.


After having my lunch, me sooo happy. Finally, I can charge me battery.


When I grow up, I wanna be a star, I wanna be a model…lalallala… So lazy to wake up and do my routine everyday this. I still want to ePop.


But if I wanna be famous, the show must go on. Now my Mama is going to drive me for photoshoot. LMAO (~ ~)


After shooting. (I am so damn tired. Zzzzzzzz…)


0 4 am in the morning

I awake at 4am when I heard Bee’s crying for a milk time. After I feed her, I close my eyes to sleep again but my mind was thinking something about my upcoming group dancers. I was thinking how to build my group and where else can I get 2 lovely girls with very an extraordinary attitude in dance. Since I already have 3 guys to join in my group, it would be nice if a added 3 girls including me. ( I LOVE to dance, it’s my passion even tough I don’t know the basic dance in ballet. But I do believe that if you willing to learn it, you can dance as long as our body is not paralyze yet.)

Actually this group was Joji’s idea but I did dreamt to exist a group dancing since 2007 while studying in USM, Penang. I was very active to involved any dance in USM furthermore I am a dancer of Dewan Budaya and Jentayu Studio as well.

So when Joji approached me, absolutely I agreed then we’re discussing the genre of dance for our team. We would like to bring a contemporary dance, poppins, breakdance, everything related to dance. Oh yaaa, not forget the traditional dance too because I want it more versatile. Soon after both of us agreed, I named our group dance performance as an ENRAPTURE. Why????. MAKSUD ENRAPTURE>>>>>

I have a song stuck in my mind while typing this blog and I want to bring this song to the stage in tittle “My Boyfriend’s Back” by Paris Bunett. I can visualize the costume like a cabaret wit sexy moves dance plus of course THE ATTITUDE MUST BE THERE especially face expression while dancing it. THIS IS IMPORTANTE.. I don’t want a dancer just know how to dance without ATTITUDE. I find it a lot of the dancer or people who really can dance without the ATTITUDE. YES…I’m searching for the “ATTITUDE”.

Other than that, I was planning on how to promote Enrapture to the public. Well, I find a place which is located in Asia City called Collosus. where my nephew work. I told my nephew about Enrapture.

A few days later, he said his manager gladly to let us to perform since Enrapture is one ways to promoting  Collosus. Yet we need to meet up the manager. Cross your finger for Enrapture!!!.,

Based On My Story (P/S : Now it’s 6.16am, I want to get some sleep.LOL)

0 Youth art festival


YOOOO, YAF (Youth Art Festival) IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!….. Give a BIG round of applause to the organizer Youth-PREP Centre, Alamesra. WE’VE DONE IT VERY WELL!!!. GOOD JOB!!!. I’m proud of it.

Based on my story for today, yeah of course it’s about YAF. Congratulation, you are right!!!!. I should give you a trophy or CASH. Ok, stop playing Dac Latte. We are in the middle of reporting about YAF.

The objectives of YAF is to promote the services in YPC itself and bring awareness that faced by Sabahan youths about the social life such as abortion, alcohol, drug etc. This event was held in Centre Atrium, 1Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu on the 13-14 Nov 2010. The performances was perform on the 1st day and 2nd day is only the exhibition from YPC itself, MSJ Photograph, Green Leaf Theater and Izaan Photograph. These is the performers during the YAF. Check it out, you might know some one.All the performers did a great job back there and I really appreciate them because they willing to do it without any payment. For sure, the youth and the volunteers also.

The dancers from YPC, will be performing the Opening Dance a'.k.a launching too. (From left side: Felny, Angie, Sherryl and ME)


Velvet. (Now she opened her own cupcakes at Lintas Plaza. I did tried her cupcake and it is so delicious).


The ASLAR from SMK Tamparuli sang a song “Count On Me” by good looking guy, Bruno Mars. 


Besides singing and dancing, there is a group of amateur performers from Green Leaf Theater were performed a theater. It was good but I can’t feel the message they are trying to send to the audience. I was studying in Acting & Directing(Theater) at USM. So in my opinion they suppose to let their expression out, to get the climax of the plot. 


Another group performer, Ode from SMK Tamparuli.


Alvin MY.




Asif Pishori & Rene Barrow.


The Ariez.


Sorry to some group that I don’t manage to snap a picture of them. They are The Frontman Company, George Joseph, Bitter Serenade, A Sky Collapse Triangle, Cahaya d’Folk ( I like this band so much. Different than other), The Unknown, and Jade Sisters.

But not forgetting the volunteers and staff of YPC who involved in this event. Hope that we will do this event next year, the Youth Art Festival 2011. Of course with more exciting program.


Based On My Story.


Sunday, November 21, 2010
If you are like listening to traditional instrument and jazz but nowhere to go,well this is the places you can go. There are two performances F.O.C will be happening around this month.

1) Event : Bamboo Music Festival Tamparuli.
    Date : 24th Nov 2010.
    Venue : Tamparuli.
    Description :
An all-day festival organised to preserve, promote and develop traditional bamboo music. The highlight of this event is the performance of the Bamboo Music Orchestra that uses traditional bamboo instruments.

2) Event : The Johnny Rodhgers Band.
    Date : 28th Nov 2010.
    Venue : Centre Atrium, 1Borneo Hypermall.
  Description :
Music from The Johnny Rodgers Band provides a guided tour of Americana pop, from the piano-driven energy of rock and roll, to the supreme sophistication of jazz. They come to KK as part of the Jazz at
Lincoln Center's " The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad touring

By december, we have... 

    Event : "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", 
                A Musical of forgivness, Love & Hope.
    Date : 2-5 Dec 2010.
    Venue : Magellan Sutera (Skyline SIB santuary, Level 3).
  Description :
Skyline SIB church will be staging a live musical for 4 nights. The performers are all amateurs from the church and the directors and choreographers are people with West End expertise. 
Contact : Skyline SIB Magellan Sutera ( 088 247804, 088 232629, 088 262929 )
Tickets Prices : RM 15, RM 20, RM 30, Rm 50.

You can check on this website:


Hello, greeting everybody. Send my regards to your dearest parents, relatives and friends. Don’t forget whoever know me. :P

Today, I want to tell a story about my beautiful village, Tambunan.  Yeah baby, I am a kampung girl and always be one. This is my first time go back to Tambunan, after 2 years I have been in Peninsular Malaysia for work. I'’m very excited to visit and celebrate my lovely grandma (Mamatua) on her 66th BIRTHDAY with Bee!!! (1st time for both of them to meet).  Actually we were planning to do a Birthday Bash Ambush but it doesn’t work. Hmmm…don’t mind at all.

Guess what!!. When I came there, a lot things were changed. Don’t worry, I won’t babbling too much. I only show you the pictures with maybe a bit explanation here and there. <<<SERIOUSLY>>>


First picture, this is the house I used to stay after renovation. Yeah, I know it’s going to be jungle someday. LOL, just kidding.

DSC05086 Used to be a small mini market a.k.a store.


Once upon a time, it was a garage. DSC05088


My childhood playground with cousins and friends. We used to swim there and been chasing by the evil goose.


  Rumah Sebelah where we are always playing Hide & Seek, bubut-bubut ( Police & Thief ), and main gelungsur2.


A durian tree back that we like to climb and play “buaya-buaya”. (main tangkap2 kaki ni,  yang “jadi di bawah tukang tangkap kaki. Yang lain panjat setinggi yang boleh supaya tidak jadi…hahaha) Gundul sudah.


Everything is totally change as time pass by but there are still remain the same. Which are…

THE POWER OF 5!!!! :* ( If I not wrong, this picture has been taken year 2007 ) featuring Jacynta R Lidi, Dewina Petrus Guriting, Nancy Anthony, me and Joanne Raymond. Maybe Mamatua missed us and she hanged it in her living room.


One of the activities we usually did. MINUM AIR KELAPA!!!!. (Oppss..sorry Cynta kalau rasa muka ko ASI noh  time tu.LOL…)


Accompanied by Tobey and Kibby Tuiki.


Mamatua called it “ Dalai ”, you can make it like bracelet. ( My upcoing blog would be about Dalai. So, keep on view my blog ).


Alright now, it’s about Mamatua’s Burpday. Wow,  Chocolates Banana cake and Manggo cake. Yummy.. Make a wish before you blow your candle, Mamatua. Oh look at Mamatua’s face, she is soooo happy because she got a sandal for present worth RM200.

DSC05134   DSC05137 DSC05139DSC05141

It’s quite sad when things not same but I am happy that Mamatua can accept her first grandchild. This is my present to you Mamatua. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU.


Based On My Story.


Thursday, November 18, 2010
Did you ever experience someone irritated you?. If you do, this is some guide for you based on my story. I know you guys propably have your own ways but maybe this might worked out for those who kind of  " Very Very Good  " person.

Ok, this is how it started. I know this guy through FB and I added him because I interested to do online business.  I asked him on how to join it and he sent me a website.

That is how the story goes untul he told me about his ex-girlfriend. At first, I just listened and give some advice. Of course to make him feel comfortable with me but he never stop talking about his pass relationship. He is coming here to celebrate his ex-girlfriend's birthday to prove that he is good for her. Although, she already in relationship. Well, maybe he want her back. No big deal.
But just imagine, that girl dumped him without any reason. He bought 1 sets gold for her present????. LOL...I'll bet the girl very happy and yet call him STUPID too. Yes....I think he is. So, I told him that she don't deserved it and he should forget her. YUP, I also called him stupid.

He agreed then suddenly he blocked me in FB. I guess, he hate me. LMAO... but when he arrived here, he asked for help. You know what, he really want to meet me and my baby. He also want to meet my parents to talk about marriage. He is soooo FREAKKING OUT!!!!.

I don't understand this guy. REALLY!!!. I decided to make him hate me so much. What I did is, everytime he call, I answered and say BYE BYE.... Lalalala.... Boy, you just need to relax and enjoy your life.,
Based on my story.