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Biar kalah, yang penting menang gaya.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My sister and I were talking about cosmetics product while she puts on make up on her face. Suddenly, she told me that David Chong posted on her FB wall to participate a singing competition in the middle of December. She refused and said  “ Banyak lagi orang yang terer dari saya”. Hmmmm…which is true, I believe Sabahan  people are talented especially in singing. I told her to participate it even tough may not win any prizes because it reminds me of my friend’s phrase “ BIAR KALAH, YANG PENTING MENANG GAYA”. (O_O)

Back to earlier year 2008, USM was organised an Aerobic Competition among Desasiswa ( itu asrama, kami panggil desasisawa…bukan kampung atau blok ). Each Desasiswa must sent their best soldiers between 4-8 person in a team to win the war which will be held at Seri Ampangan, USM, Butterworth. (#^#)

At first, my friend Ratnasari and I were just supporting Astra and the gang ( the choreographer is Johannis ) to practice their routine, since both of us came from different Desasiswa. Eventually, it turns up when two of their team member didn’t manage to join and the competition is tomorrow!!!. After being forced by them, Ratna and I end up to help DESASISWA TEKUN… (pasal kawan punya hal, sudah jadi pengkhianat desasiswa sendiri pulak).

So we were practicing from midnight until sunrise because we only have chance to gather after 10pm. Yup, we didn’t sleep. At 6am, misson completed and we were rushing for shower and make up. Not forget to set up hair…..the “flower horn” hair… More over, we have to be at Seri Ampangan before 9am as well. Everything is settled, the hair do, the make up…jalanlah apa lagi, it took an hour journey bah…

Yes!!! We arrived safely!!!!. Saya rasa kami lah yang PALING HAWT time tu…because fully dress up. Yang menang tue rambut lah..”flower horn”. LMAO..

We still have enough time to practice for the last touch up with the outfit but…JENG3X (masa buat sit up nampak SANTUT…BODO…). To cover “it”, we have to cut our fabric which is we used to wrap our hips.


LMAO..don’t you see it?. We look like wearing a diaper and made in gold colour. LIMITED EDITION TAU TU…We didn’t won it, that’s we expected already some more we were been disqualified as well because the outfit was TOO SEXY. But it doesn’t matter what they said about us because actually we won it. Tahap keHOTan, memanglah kami numbur satu much better than the orang skema… Anyway, we did it for fun and  what is really matters..BIAR KALAH, YANG PENTING MENANG GAYA. (^O^)End of the day, on the way back to Penang, all of us asleep… Repeat it after me “BIAR KALAH, YANG PENTING MENANG GAYA”!!!

From left ( Me, Astra, RatnaSari and Aida )


P/S: I’m so sorry being arrogant about myself but it was pass. Now, I’m not hotter anymore. Missed them. (- _-),

Based On My Story.


mr. whimsical Says:
December 13, 2010 at 2:54 AM

GOSHHH!!!!nila moment yg plg nda dpt dilupakan di's a memoir of the existence of us di sana ba.

DacLatte Says:
December 20, 2010 at 3:20 AM

tu la...I is setuju with you dis...bnda yg ndak blh lupa tu santut la kana tutup sama kain...LOL...

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