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beat of my heart

Sunday, December 5, 2010

You can hear your heart beating when you wanted to. You can hear it clearly when you listen it. You  know how does it sounds like when you are full with joy, anger, depressed, sad and emptiness…. No matter how your heart beating is, only you know what do you feel about.

Based on my story, every heart is just not a symbolic that we are still alive but in my opinion, heart does show its way in any cases. A heart is easily broken if we don’t taking care of it.

My heart beating with hatred since a guy thinks that he is COOL and HOT. I don’t want him misunderstood by what I’m doing to him because my intention is I just wanted to share same interest with him. Not more than that. I know it would never be a dream come true even I hope so. This is not a fairy tales story, it will never be like Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast etc.

There is no room for me even tough I pray and try to be the best in front of him. I don’t have a chance forever and ever. So I make my decision to never fall in love again. It’s really hurt and yet my heart still torn in two. I don’t want to let myself hurt again from it. I think that would be fair enough because I don’t deserved it. All I want is just become a friend where you can trust and be there for you.

Every beat of my heart for someone, I rather to forget it than play on the game. Feeling unwanted as if he have someone or no interest on you, that is the sound of my heart beating repeatedly. I know that I’m not good enough and don’t deserved any good things from you. I hope when you read this or you are sure that I’m talking about you, please don’t hate me. I know who am I and no need for you to worry. You gave me hints already.

Based On My Story


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