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I LOVE Johnny rodgers band!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the 27th Nov 2010, The Johnny Rodgers Band were performed at Recital Hall, UMS.

According to my schedule, this band will be performed at 1B on the 28th but I called Rene Barrow and he told me about it. (Sorry didn’t update it earlier, I just found out it on the same day).

Johnny Rodgers Band is superb!!! I liked it VERY MUCH. I adore Johnny Rodger’s voice. I really fall in love with their performance.  Not only that but Johnny Rodger (himself) is a good entertainer and always make the audience laugh with his jokes. He really impressed me.

Who is with me?. My beloved friend Joji.

My HOT Aunt (Nancy) & Asif Pishori a.k.a HOT UNCLE


Danny Mallon ( Drums, percussion and vocals as well )

Brian Glassman (Bass and percussion)

Joe Ravo (Guitar)

Johnny Rodgers (Piano and vocals)

He also can play other instrument such as Maracas and Row.

They also did performed together with our Sabahan people (I know this guitarist and the saxophonist is well-known but so sorry that I don’t know their names). They were performing the famous song in Sabah “ Sayang Kinabalu” and they did it very well.


They brought back the Orang Utan to America as a souvenir. Hope the Orang Utan can survive there. LOL


For more info about them, check on:


mr. whimsical Says:
December 5, 2010 at 8:01 PM

yg penting tu org utan doll.hahaha...

DacLatte Says:
December 5, 2010 at 10:54 PM

yaaaaaaaaaa.....saya setuju mr.whimsical...hmmmm!!!!

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