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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello, greeting everybody. Send my regards to your dearest parents, relatives and friends. Don’t forget whoever know me. :P

Today, I want to tell a story about my beautiful village, Tambunan.  Yeah baby, I am a kampung girl and always be one. This is my first time go back to Tambunan, after 2 years I have been in Peninsular Malaysia for work. I'’m very excited to visit and celebrate my lovely grandma (Mamatua) on her 66th BIRTHDAY with Bee!!! (1st time for both of them to meet).  Actually we were planning to do a Birthday Bash Ambush but it doesn’t work. Hmmm…don’t mind at all.

Guess what!!. When I came there, a lot things were changed. Don’t worry, I won’t babbling too much. I only show you the pictures with maybe a bit explanation here and there. <<<SERIOUSLY>>>


First picture, this is the house I used to stay after renovation. Yeah, I know it’s going to be jungle someday. LOL, just kidding.

DSC05086 Used to be a small mini market a.k.a store.


Once upon a time, it was a garage. DSC05088


My childhood playground with cousins and friends. We used to swim there and been chasing by the evil goose.


  Rumah Sebelah where we are always playing Hide & Seek, bubut-bubut ( Police & Thief ), and main gelungsur2.


A durian tree back that we like to climb and play “buaya-buaya”. (main tangkap2 kaki ni,  yang “jadi di bawah tukang tangkap kaki. Yang lain panjat setinggi yang boleh supaya tidak jadi…hahaha) Gundul sudah.


Everything is totally change as time pass by but there are still remain the same. Which are…

THE POWER OF 5!!!! :* ( If I not wrong, this picture has been taken year 2007 ) featuring Jacynta R Lidi, Dewina Petrus Guriting, Nancy Anthony, me and Joanne Raymond. Maybe Mamatua missed us and she hanged it in her living room.


One of the activities we usually did. MINUM AIR KELAPA!!!!. (Oppss..sorry Cynta kalau rasa muka ko ASI noh  time tu.LOL…)


Accompanied by Tobey and Kibby Tuiki.


Mamatua called it “ Dalai ”, you can make it like bracelet. ( My upcoing blog would be about Dalai. So, keep on view my blog ).


Alright now, it’s about Mamatua’s Burpday. Wow,  Chocolates Banana cake and Manggo cake. Yummy.. Make a wish before you blow your candle, Mamatua. Oh look at Mamatua’s face, she is soooo happy because she got a sandal for present worth RM200.

DSC05134   DSC05137 DSC05139DSC05141

It’s quite sad when things not same but I am happy that Mamatua can accept her first grandchild. This is my present to you Mamatua. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU.


Based On My Story.


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