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Sunday, November 21, 2010
If you are like listening to traditional instrument and jazz but nowhere to go,well this is the places you can go. There are two performances F.O.C will be happening around this month.

1) Event : Bamboo Music Festival Tamparuli.
    Date : 24th Nov 2010.
    Venue : Tamparuli.
    Description :
An all-day festival organised to preserve, promote and develop traditional bamboo music. The highlight of this event is the performance of the Bamboo Music Orchestra that uses traditional bamboo instruments.

2) Event : The Johnny Rodhgers Band.
    Date : 28th Nov 2010.
    Venue : Centre Atrium, 1Borneo Hypermall.
  Description :
Music from The Johnny Rodgers Band provides a guided tour of Americana pop, from the piano-driven energy of rock and roll, to the supreme sophistication of jazz. They come to KK as part of the Jazz at
Lincoln Center's " The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad touring

By december, we have... 

    Event : "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", 
                A Musical of forgivness, Love & Hope.
    Date : 2-5 Dec 2010.
    Venue : Magellan Sutera (Skyline SIB santuary, Level 3).
  Description :
Skyline SIB church will be staging a live musical for 4 nights. The performers are all amateurs from the church and the directors and choreographers are people with West End expertise. 
Contact : Skyline SIB Magellan Sutera ( 088 247804, 088 232629, 088 262929 )
Tickets Prices : RM 15, RM 20, RM 30, Rm 50.

You can check on this website:


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