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4 am in the morning

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I awake at 4am when I heard Bee’s crying for a milk time. After I feed her, I close my eyes to sleep again but my mind was thinking something about my upcoming group dancers. I was thinking how to build my group and where else can I get 2 lovely girls with very an extraordinary attitude in dance. Since I already have 3 guys to join in my group, it would be nice if a added 3 girls including me. ( I LOVE to dance, it’s my passion even tough I don’t know the basic dance in ballet. But I do believe that if you willing to learn it, you can dance as long as our body is not paralyze yet.)

Actually this group was Joji’s idea but I did dreamt to exist a group dancing since 2007 while studying in USM, Penang. I was very active to involved any dance in USM furthermore I am a dancer of Dewan Budaya and Jentayu Studio as well.

So when Joji approached me, absolutely I agreed then we’re discussing the genre of dance for our team. We would like to bring a contemporary dance, poppins, breakdance, everything related to dance. Oh yaaa, not forget the traditional dance too because I want it more versatile. Soon after both of us agreed, I named our group dance performance as an ENRAPTURE. Why????. MAKSUD ENRAPTURE>>>>>

I have a song stuck in my mind while typing this blog and I want to bring this song to the stage in tittle “My Boyfriend’s Back” by Paris Bunett. I can visualize the costume like a cabaret wit sexy moves dance plus of course THE ATTITUDE MUST BE THERE especially face expression while dancing it. THIS IS IMPORTANTE.. I don’t want a dancer just know how to dance without ATTITUDE. I find it a lot of the dancer or people who really can dance without the ATTITUDE. YES…I’m searching for the “ATTITUDE”.

Other than that, I was planning on how to promote Enrapture to the public. Well, I find a place which is located in Asia City called Collosus. where my nephew work. I told my nephew about Enrapture.

A few days later, he said his manager gladly to let us to perform since Enrapture is one ways to promoting  Collosus. Yet we need to meet up the manager. Cross your finger for Enrapture!!!.,

Based On My Story (P/S : Now it’s 6.16am, I want to get some sleep.LOL)


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