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Youth art festival

Sunday, November 28, 2010


YOOOO, YAF (Youth Art Festival) IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!….. Give a BIG round of applause to the organizer Youth-PREP Centre, Alamesra. WE’VE DONE IT VERY WELL!!!. GOOD JOB!!!. I’m proud of it.

Based on my story for today, yeah of course it’s about YAF. Congratulation, you are right!!!!. I should give you a trophy or CASH. Ok, stop playing Dac Latte. We are in the middle of reporting about YAF.

The objectives of YAF is to promote the services in YPC itself and bring awareness that faced by Sabahan youths about the social life such as abortion, alcohol, drug etc. This event was held in Centre Atrium, 1Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu on the 13-14 Nov 2010. The performances was perform on the 1st day and 2nd day is only the exhibition from YPC itself, MSJ Photograph, Green Leaf Theater and Izaan Photograph. These is the performers during the YAF. Check it out, you might know some one.All the performers did a great job back there and I really appreciate them because they willing to do it without any payment. For sure, the youth and the volunteers also.

The dancers from YPC, will be performing the Opening Dance a'.k.a launching too. (From left side: Felny, Angie, Sherryl and ME)


Velvet. (Now she opened her own cupcakes at Lintas Plaza. I did tried her cupcake and it is so delicious).


The ASLAR from SMK Tamparuli sang a song “Count On Me” by good looking guy, Bruno Mars. 


Besides singing and dancing, there is a group of amateur performers from Green Leaf Theater were performed a theater. It was good but I can’t feel the message they are trying to send to the audience. I was studying in Acting & Directing(Theater) at USM. So in my opinion they suppose to let their expression out, to get the climax of the plot. 


Another group performer, Ode from SMK Tamparuli.


Alvin MY.




Asif Pishori & Rene Barrow.


The Ariez.


Sorry to some group that I don’t manage to snap a picture of them. They are The Frontman Company, George Joseph, Bitter Serenade, A Sky Collapse Triangle, Cahaya d’Folk ( I like this band so much. Different than other), The Unknown, and Jade Sisters.

But not forgetting the volunteers and staff of YPC who involved in this event. Hope that we will do this event next year, the Youth Art Festival 2011. Of course with more exciting program.


Based On My Story.


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