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Thursday, November 18, 2010
Did you ever experience someone irritated you?. If you do, this is some guide for you based on my story. I know you guys propably have your own ways but maybe this might worked out for those who kind of  " Very Very Good  " person.

Ok, this is how it started. I know this guy through FB and I added him because I interested to do online business.  I asked him on how to join it and he sent me a website.

That is how the story goes untul he told me about his ex-girlfriend. At first, I just listened and give some advice. Of course to make him feel comfortable with me but he never stop talking about his pass relationship. He is coming here to celebrate his ex-girlfriend's birthday to prove that he is good for her. Although, she already in relationship. Well, maybe he want her back. No big deal.
But just imagine, that girl dumped him without any reason. He bought 1 sets gold for her present????. LOL...I'll bet the girl very happy and yet call him STUPID too. Yes....I think he is. So, I told him that she don't deserved it and he should forget her. YUP, I also called him stupid.

He agreed then suddenly he blocked me in FB. I guess, he hate me. LMAO... but when he arrived here, he asked for help. You know what, he really want to meet me and my baby. He also want to meet my parents to talk about marriage. He is soooo FREAKKING OUT!!!!.

I don't understand this guy. REALLY!!!. I decided to make him hate me so much. What I did is, everytime he call, I answered and say BYE BYE.... Lalalala.... Boy, you just need to relax and enjoy your life.,
Based on my story.


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